Ensuring Kids' Health For a Brighter Tomorrow

Childhood cancer is relatively a rare disease, but when it strikes, it can become fatal. It hardly hits the radar compared to other common diseases such as pneumonia, malaria, neonatal sepsis, and neonatal asphyxia. Young children are more susceptible to diseases which is why we need to care for them and teach them healthy while they are still young. Our children are a precious gift from heaven. Let’s all strive to raise them well, so they could enjoy life to the fullest. DGYA keeps parents and new members briefed with all the things they should know from healthy meals, healthy habits, and healthy, yet fun activities to raise vibrant young children ready to face the future.

Is Cancer Hereditary?

Cancer can be hereditary which means that there are certain groups of people who can have higher chances of developing genetic mutations that lead to cancer. Based on scientific research, there are 50 hereditary cancer syndromes, which often the cause of disorders that may predispose individuals to develop certain cancers. But even a person has a family member who had cancer or has cancer, doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will more likely develop cancer. However, it is best to practice a healthy lifestyle and avoid the triggers such as speed dating activities that may cause it to predispose.

What is Genetic Testing?

Doctors and health experts agree that genetic testing is a great prevention of fatal illnesses that may affect a person in the latter part of life. DNA sequencing can read DNA. Experts compare the DNA results to the sequence of DNA in cancer cells. The results of genetic testing could help doctors find the best therapy and prevention methods that they will suggest the patient undergo. This test is not cheap; however, if we’ll look at the long-term use of the things that a patient could learn from this test, every penny charged to I Amsterdam card is worth it. This test is highly suggested to be taken by children who are susceptible to developing cancer due to hereditary syndromes.

A Subtle Reminder From DGYA

Our foundation has witnessed heart-breaking scenes. Those children who were gone too soon reminds us how precious life is. They fought hard and experienced pain they shouldn’t have gone through in such a young age. But on the bright side, we have also witnessed children who succeeded in this battle. Nothing could make us happier than to see a child walk out the foundation cancer-free. We’re sure that their life in this world will be remarkable. Don’t take life for granted. Some people fight hard for it, so cherish every minute of it.

DGYA Foundation Needs Your Help

We are helping young children and their parents as they fight against cancer. We also work hard to spread awareness of how cancer can be prevented by using scientific approach and technologies. If you are interested to help, please sign up with us.

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